Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is there any way to remove unpaid parking tickets from your credit report?

I regretfully didn't pay a few parking tickets on time and consequently the city handed them over to a collections agency. As a result, these parking tickets, while now paid off, are showing up on my credit report. Is there any way to remove them or is there a time period when they will no longer show up on my credit report?

Is there any way to remove unpaid parking tickets from your credit report?
At some point in the future, the collection agency will probably neglect to renew the entries so they'll go away. I hear a lot of people say that entries such as collections go away after seven years, but that is simply not true.

The best thing you can do is dispute them with the credit repositories. Write a letter claiming those collections are not yours. Send the letter Certified Mail Return Receipt (CMRR). The repositories will have 30 days to verify your dispute with the collection agency. Since you're paid and the collection agencies are no longer interested in you, chances are they won't respond and the credit bureaus will have to delete the entries.

Good luck.

Rick Lanicek
Reply:yes.. you can try calling the collection and see if you can work it our, or send a copy of the proof that you paid them to the credit bureaus. If you dont get lucky consider hiring somebody to clean and restore your credit for you.. they always do it, and a parking ticket is not a major thing
Reply:will never be removed from your report, ever. get proof you paid these collections off and submit them to whichever bureau reported it. if it was all three bureaus then you need to report to all three bureaus. also, get in contact with the collection agency themselves and hound them to report this payment to the bureau as well. most times they only care about getting paid and not about keeping your report straight.
Reply:Write a letter to the three credit bureaus and provide proof of payment to each one. Ask them to remove those tickets from your credit report.

TransUnion and Equiserve are two. I don't remember who the third agency is.

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