Sunday, October 11, 2009

What does it mean when something gets deleted from your credit report?

I recently disputed some negative things on my credit report. Experian sent me a letter that they were deleted. Does this mean that they can no longer be seen by possible creditors or would they still show up? I disputed these things with all 3 credit agencies. Do you think they will also delete them?

What does it mean when something gets deleted from your credit report?
When credit agencies say they have deleted the entry in your credit report -- it means it has been REMOVED and cannot be seen anymore by you, by creditors and by everyone.

Unless it is a case where the creditor resurrects the entry and report the debt again - then you can see it again.

I suggest you order your credit report so you can see it for yourself if indeed it has been removed
Reply:Just because you disputed them with all 3 creditor bureaus does not necessarily mean that they will be removed by all 3 credit bureaus. The creditor may have responded back to only one or 2 of the credit disputes from the credit bureaus instead of all 3. If the credit bureau deletes or removes the debt from your credit report then you should receive a letter from each letter that removes it from your report. The best way to know for sure is to obtain an updated copy of your credit report. Make sure that you are utilizing once per year for a free report from each of the 3 bureaus to stay on top of your credit profile and checking for possible errors. As stated in another answer, the creditor can report the item again in the future if they find the debt to be valid at a later date. If this happens you would have to dispute it again. If you have prove the liability is not yours, I recommend that you send it in along with your dispute so that this item stays off of your report. Best of luck to you and thanks for using Yahoo Answers.
Reply:If the creditor does not respond or acknowledges that they are in fact inaccurate, they will be dropped from your report. The creditor has 30 days from the date of your dispute to respond. If you disputed them with all three they should be deleted from all three. You should receive a letter and a new report from each showing the updates.
Reply:If an item is removed, the reporting Bureau has already attempted to validate it with your creditor. Creditors are given 30days to prove entries if they are disputed. If the creditor fails to respond, or fails to prove one of the 12 points neccessary for validation, the item is removed and will not show, nor can it be reactivated.

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